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Platform that helps you to understand what you can build on an area by simplifying the zoning regulations.

Detailed Urban Spatial Plan, Simplified.

Detailed Spatial Urban Plan is a complex set of regulations that needs an expert to extract the information about the landuse, height, setback,etc. Moreover, the document is only presented in pdf format which is not easy to use and accessible for the citizen

Build is a web-based interactive detailed urban spatial plan for cities in Indonesia. We’ve mapped set of regulations so you can focus on what develops next.


List of activities filters to help you place your next business.


This filter help you to find the place that compatible to build an Apartment, Townhouse or Landed House


Want to expand your business? This filter available for Hotel, Mall, Cafe, Shop, Office, Restaurant, and Minimarket.


This filter will help you find the area to build Small Industry with Waste

Public Facility

This filter available for Drug Store and Hospital location.
Find compatible place faster by

Activities Filter

Usually, the citizen, developers, and architects have to read all the contents from zoning regulation book even they only need to know which area that was allowed to build an apartment or cafe. Here at Build, we categorize the zoning maps based on the building that you plan to construct such as house, restaurant, store, etc. So you only see the area where the building was permitted to be built in the map.

Try to calculate building rules with

Building Calculator

Spending more times in calculating the building on your site? Calculate how many floors allowed to construct, green space that you need to provide in our platform.

Build your business or future home today.

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