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Location Insight Automation


Unlock your location advantage.

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A cafe owner is finding a location for his new store. He already has 3 location candidates to place his new business. Choosing between them can affect how his company can capture the market around the store, so he explores those potential location to decide which one to start.

Look how the research works

Dashmap takes care of the location
research so you can focus on
developing your business.

Pointing your location on the map. Select the module you need.
Automate the reporting process. Pull in information to decide
your business location.

Draw a radius to get
the data around your location

Select the module that matters
for your location research.

Pull the insight from the report
instantly for your business

Automate your Location Research

in A Few Simple Clicks

You don’t need to be market analyst or hire a person to do the research.

Our report generator lets you to extract the data you need

for your business in minutes

Data Catalogue

A one-stop shop for location data

No need to gather data from many different sources. Dash provides set of data to backup your business research based on reliable sources.

Research Module

Choose the way you consume data

Research module consist of several data that package into a module.
So, you can get the information that has arranged more compact.

Report Generator

Enhance your decision to choose the location for the business

Save the time by manually compiling the data that you have collected before. Just click the print button to get a professional location insight for your decision process.

Let’s find out your potential location of your business before buy or rent it.

See how Dashmap help the other business

First-Buyer Home

Purchasing and investing a property is probably one of the most expensive purchase you will ever make in your life. It makes perfect sense that your decision based on reliable data. 92% of property buyers are considering location as a significant factor to buy and invest in real estate property (rumah123). Get the location report for your house candidates to decide which one to invest.
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KJPP / Property Valuers

The location data such as the proximity to the main/toll road, city center, commercial area, disaster risk, city development plan are necessary to value a real estate property. The data collection is a repetitive task that a valuer will face daily. Save hours of work by creating the credit guarantee inspection report using dashmap.
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Property Broker  & Developer

Presenting the location advantage of your property to the potential customer is essential. The way you show them with more informative and appealing can help you to convince the buyers, especially for the new city comer. Save hours of the map the data around the property location and make it to a formal report using dashmap.
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