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Here is a sample works of product development at Cityplan

The government tries to minimize the constraint of the investment process in Indonesia. Building permit is one of the steps if an investor or developer wants to use the land for the business. The step take a long time and manual process because the zoning regulation document is presented in pdf.

We manage the data for more than 20 cities and integrate it with the Online Single Submission (OSS) system so that the investor or people can get the information directly.

We work together with Urban Planning & Design Research Group, Bandung Institute of Technology to build a model that is able to estimate how much the land value will change when a major infrastructure was built in an area

A spatial planning supervising tool for citizen in medan city. Medan citizen can report a potential spatial plan violation and the report will be checked by the agency.

We manage and visualize the existing and planned infrastructure for 98 cities and 7 metropolitan areas from various departments in the Public Works and Housing Ministry as a spatial database to support the planning process.

We help to socialize disaster risk in Bandung City using data visualization and help Bandung City Planning, Research and Development Agency (Bappelitbang) to account disaster aspect within their decision-making process.

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