Store Expansion

Where should we open

the next branch location?

Unlocking the potential area
for business expansion.



Market expansion process takes a lot of resources and time. Moreover, the workforce is required to survey the potential area, which might not yield the expected result. In addition, a pre-survey study is vital to identify which size have the highest market potential.


With our spatial technology, we built a site selection module for the expansion team to do pre-survey research before deploying the surveyor to the site. This analytic module is created based on more than 20 parameters to identify the highest market potential for expansion. Along with competitor, and channel data, we were able to help, or client identify which area has the highest market potential with one click away.


  • Discover +2000 new potential channels by evaluating store performance
  • Cut down market expansion process from 2.5 months to 3 weeks
  • Cut $10,000 survey cost
  • Identify the potential market in urban areas and potential secondary and tertiary cities.

What we do?

Location is the key to store expansion. Finding the right place is like finding the treasure because the success of a store is highly dependent on location.
However, this process is relatively time-consuming and expensive. With spatial technology, Cityplan could guide you to find these “hidden treasures” in an unknown territory faster than your competitor.

If the expansion location is a treasure, then Cityplan is here as a compass that directs the business to the right point.

Evaluate Store

We could help you to identify which locational variables affects your sales performance.

Market Potential &
White Space Analysis.

Using our spatial modelling we could find the area with the highest market potential for your business.

Dashboard &
Analytics Tools

We could help you to build personalized dashboard and analytics tools for you store expansion process.


Connect with property agent to set the store in the optimal location.

Find the use case here:

Consider multiple parameters to choose the next store location.

An automotive company is planning to expand its store on Java Island. Considering its target market, accessibility, competitor, and channel distribution, our team could analyze the best location to open a new store while minimizing the cost and expansion time.

Using our module and a broad range of data catalogues, Cityplan could help you to choose the best location for your store based on multiple parameters and adjust it with what is most suitable for what you are looking for.

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Evaluate The Store Performance based on Revenue & Transaction.

Cityplan is experienced in helping a logistic company to evaluate the distribution and pick-up points to measure which has overlapping service areas or are located in an area with low market potential.

With our store performance module, we could help you to get a more accurate location of your store distribution, explore the “white space area” that needs to be covered, and identify which location factors significantly affect the store performance and revenue.

Helping the expansion team in channel acquisition.

Our spatial module will help your expansion team to acquire channels faster than your competitor by visualizing the channel’s location and enriching your channel database with our database. This way, your expansion and surveyor team could save a lot of time of money before actually surveying the location for channel acquisition

Identify the next city expansion in 2nd and 3rd cities in Indonesia.

The trend of business expansion is going to 2nd and 3rd tier cities in Indonesia since the consumer is rapidly digitizing in these areas.

Cityplan will act as a navigator to help you expand your business from 1st-tier to 2nd and 3rd-tier cities with the ability of geospatial data and technology. Our module could help you to find a highly potential market for your expansion in urban areas ahead of your competitor.

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