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Smart Cities and progressive governments don’t just manage the data surrounding them, they make it a cornerstone of their strategy and service to citizens.

Simplify The South Bangka Regency's Spatial Plan

Cityplan supported the South Bangka City Government to present the document into interactive map through web-application. By using this platform, the government makes city spatial plan more accessible for the citizen.


Open Data Visualization

Open Data has changed the way citizens see government, but leaders must be strategic in how they harness that data to solve specific problems. Since most open data is location-based, geospatial analysis is more crucial than ever. The best governments manage their location data and deliver it in an actionable format to their citizens, developers and employees.


Urban Infrastructure Database

Infrastructure Planning holds strategic position in shaping the urban areas and delivering for the citizen.
Cityplan helped the Public Works and Housing Ministry to manage and visualize the data so it can support the decision maker to plan the infrastructure development more effective and efficient.


Simplifying Business Process of Bonus Zoning & Transfer of Development Right

We are working together with Bandung City to develop an app to simplify their business process from regulation that newly processed. Many of the regulation business processes can be simplified with us to achieved a more efficient government.

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