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Empowering Business Decision with Location Intelligence

Unlock the power of location-based insights to drive smarter business decisions.

Enabling Geospatial Data for Everyone

Founded in 2016 with a commitment to fostering open data in Indonesia, Cityplan empowered people to access and utilize government data for public benefit. We accelerated the use of +60 city zoning for building permits, monitoring, and public transparency.

Today, we broaden our mission to enhance this data for academic, research, and commercial applications.


Access Our Database for Your Analysis.

Skip the data collection, and access our spatial and tabular database for your analysis and decision-making needs.

Available on shapefile, geojson, excel, pdf format, and API integration.

Analytic Tools

Customize Analytics Tools for Your Team.

Utilize our analytics tools or create custom solutions tailored to your team’s needs for efficient analysis.

Research & Analysis

Elevate Your Decisions with Expert Insight.

Gain valuable insights from our experts to elevate your business decision-making process.

Supported with strong network of partners & clients.

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