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Experience in Working with Multiple Industries & Segments

We have worked with companies from retail, f&b, healthcare, quick commerce, and more.

Frequently asked questions

Where should we open the next Branch location?

Using our modules and a broad range of spatial data catalogues, Cityplan could help you to find the area with the highest market potential for your business.

We need to see our competitor store location. Can Cityplan provide us the data?

Cityplan can provide your competitor store location. Moreover, we could help you to identify the untapped market potential that your competitor does not see.

We are not sure what parameters to choose the new hub location. Can Cityplan analyze them for us?

Our research team could help you to identify which locational factor is most significant for your sales performance. Next, we could replicate the significant parameter into our module to find the best parameter to choose a new hub location.

How many stores are needed to cover Jabodetabek region?

Using our analytics module, our team could help you identify the number of stores needed to cover the whole region and avoid store sales cannibalization.

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